20 Best Good Parenting Skills List iOS Apps

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1) Parenting Skills

Parenting Skills good parenting skills list
It has been said that parenting is the most difficult job, and the most important responsibility; you will ever have in your life. Unfortunately, you receive little or no formal training in parenting, yet you are constantly criticized for every mistake you make. Usually, we either do what our parents did, or we do the exact opposite, depending on our opinion of the parenting we received.No one provides us with clear guidelines about the right way to parent. There are no classes in school, and childbirth preparation focuses almost entirely on the birth process. After having a child, hospitals provide ... ($0.99)By Creative Glance via

2) Good Parenting

Good Parenting good parenting skills list
Good Parentingby J. P. VaswaniThe home is the door to the kingdom of God, the kingdom of true happiness, says Dada J.P.Vaswani. If you would make your home a heaven on earth, a haven of joy and peace for you and your children, let Dada show you the wayDadas book emphasizes love and patience, proper guidance and loving discipline as the qualities that parents must cultivate in order to bring their children up in the best manner possible. Your children are your true wealth and treasure he asserts, showing us the right way to raise our children, with the values ... ($4.99)By IndiaNIC Infocom Limited via

3) Good Communication Skills

Good Communication Skills good parenting skills list
Do you have problems with Communication Skills? Do you want learn more and get perfect tips of Good Communication?If you`re looking for great tips on listening skills, expressing, body language, negotiation, making contact, couples skills, communicating with children, family communications, influencing others, public speaking, interviewing this App provides perfect answers for all your questions. (Free)By Louis Yak via

4) The Good List Free

The Good List Free good parenting skills list
The good list provides a simple, fun way to make your lists and scratch them off. Choose from your camera roll or stock photos and create a list that you dont mind looking at. (Free)By Hiresystems LLC via

5) Learn to improve good english skills is feel fun

Learn to improve good english skills is feel fun good parenting skills list
Games for kids practice their English skills.Adventure and learning along the way.- Cute characters and Beautiful graphics- Learning and Adventure- 3 Lesson, 3 missionsEnjoy.......Free play. (Free)By Attapol Kaojunyam via

6) IndiaParenting

IndiaParenting good parenting skills list
Find parenting advice, information, skills and guidance from IndiaParenting.com. We provide information to moms and dads about pregnancy, baby names, ovulation, raising child, pregnancy tips, parenting style, teen issues etc. We are India`s number one parenting website. (Free)By IndiaParenting via

7) Building Vocabulary Skills With Sight Words List

Building Vocabulary Skills With Sight Words List good parenting skills list
This Free Dolch Sight Word List for kindergarten is really a helpful booklet to improve and even increase English sight word list through audio sound. It is particularly designed for young kids. First of all, lets explain what sight word is.Sight words (high frequency words) are commonly used words that young children are encouraged to memorize as a whole by sight, so that they can automatically recognize these words in print without having to use any strategies to decode.That is why this Dolch Sight Word List for Kindergarten application is very useful. Furthermore, the advantage for children being able to ... (Free)By Sirinthip Rungratikulthon via

8) Santa`s List. Good or Bad List for Christmas

Santa`s List. Good or Bad List for Christmas good parenting skills list
Santa`s ListSanta`s Naughty or Nice ListUse this great App to helpmake sure your child is behavingThey will want to be on the Nice list so they don`t get a lump of coal for ChristmasParents:After you take the picture of your child, you then push the SCAN button.If you touch the screen during the scan, the child comes up on the naughty list.If you don`t touch the screen while scanning, the child comes up on the nice listA great motivator as we head into the Christmas seasonYou can even share this picture on FacebookHave fun with this app ($0.99)By T3 Apps via

9) Attachment Parenting - Parenthood Skills and Styles Tips

Attachment Parenting - Parenthood Skills and Styles Tips good parenting skills list
Attachment Parenting - Parenthood Skills and Styles TipsFind out how to be the best parents that you can possibly become with this great, free app. It covers many of the really important parental guidance areas to help you overcome your parental challenges. Lots of advice to help parents raise well behaved children Help for dealing with difficult situations or poor behaviour Take notes as you go Create to do lists Lots of ideas for children's activities Easy to navigate and useThis app has been carefully researched in order to give you the best possible help and assistance. It includes ... (Free)By Venture Technology Ltd via

10) Parenting Skills - Mother & Father Survival Guide

Parenting Skills - Mother & Father Survival Guide good parenting skills list
Certainly, you would want the best for your kids, but are you sure that you really are doing whats best for them? We are all aware how hard parenting is. The main problem is because kids think very differently than us. They do respond without thinking much and need various necessities to live. Surely some of your plans will work while would definitely not.This course will teach you the art of parenting You will be taught how to lower stress levels, controlling anger and how to react whenever your child is not complying. In addition to this, this program will ... (Free)By Orven Usana via

11) Parenting Advice - How to Be a Good Parent

Parenting Advice - How to Be a Good Parent good parenting skills list
Learn tips and effective parenting skills from this app.Learn the great parenting tips to keep your kids happyStep-by-step instructions on How to Be a Good Parent:How to Be a Good ParentHow to Be a Good Mother: 9 StepsHow to Be a Good FatherHow to Develop a Good Parent and Child RelationshipHow to Be a Good Parent when You Work Full TimeHow to Be a Good Parent (Son's Viewpoint) How to Raise a ChildHow to Be a Good Step ParentHow to Be a Good Stay at Home Parent: 11 StepsHow to Have a Good Family Life: 15 StepsHow to Discipline a ... (0.990)By Nick Lim via

12) Proven Parenting - The #1 Magazine About Kids and Parenting

Proven Parenting - The #1 Magazine About Kids and Parenting good parenting skills list
Try Proven Parenting Magazine FREE todayWelcome to Proven Parenting Magazine. The 1 magazine for parents and future parentsWe are a magazine dedicated to all things parenting, current and future parents included It doesn`t t matter what age your children are at, we have something for everyoneWhether you are going through pregnancy, have pre-teens or older teens, Proven Parenting brings you expert advice on all sorts of topics It is advice you can trust to help you with raising your kids at all ages and all stages in their development. Every month will be a new issue jam packed with helpful ... (Free)By Mark Evans via

13) Parenting Guide - Learn How to Raise a Good Child!

Parenting Guide - Learn How to Raise a Good Child! good parenting skills list
"We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves." Henry Ward BeecherAt all stages of raising the children parents should guide them to the right path. Also, when you raise boy or girl you need to focus on different aspects of parenting. Our application can tell you how good parents should act.The application will be useful for parents with children of ANY AGE. (Free)By Many People, Inc. via

14) BigInto Parenting - Parenting Advice and Blogs for Babies, Toddlers, Children

BigInto Parenting - Parenting Advice and Blogs for Babies, Toddlers, Children good parenting skills list
BigInto Parenting is the app for parents everywhere. From pregnancy through the turbulent teenage years, BigInto brings you the best articles and advice from actual parents. We have scoured the web to find the most interesting authors, magazines and blogs all in one app.Read and laugh as other parents share their adventures and mishaps. Be inspired by authors who share their honest advice and thoughts on how to survive parenthood.Download BigInto Parenting todayApp Features:Share the latest stories with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and e-mailFollow your favorite blogs and authorsSearch for new sources and topicsSave your favorite articles to read ... (Free)By Ratchet Technology LLC via

15) Parenting Tips - A Parenting Guide To Take Care Your Children

Parenting Tips - A Parenting Guide To Take Care Your Children good parenting skills list
Highlight Feature of Parenting Tips :- Best Parenting Tips Articles.- The Joy Of Modern Parenting Ebook (Value:37).- Parenting Tips Gallery.- Share Parenting Tips Articles via Email.And Here`s what you`ll discover:- Chores Can Help Your Child Learn about Teamwork and a Strong Work Ethic- Chart Your Child`s Accomplishments with a Chore Chart- Help Your Child Kick the Thumb Sucking Habit- Hobbies are Healthy- Interrupt Your Child`s Interruption Habit- Productive and Positive Potty Training- Providing a Safe and Secure Home for Your Child- Tactics for Tackling a Toddler`s Temper Tantrum- Take the Bite out of Your Toddler`s Biting Problem- The Family that ... ($1.99)By nipon phuhoi via

16) Baby Guide : Parenting Wiki - Learn How to Raise a Good Child+

Baby Guide : Parenting Wiki - Learn How to Raise a Good Child+ good parenting skills list
This is an app designed to help parents succeed at their most important roleParents these days have an increasingly challenging role. The times are faster, ever-changing, more chaotic, and information-rich. This demands a higher level of parenting skills and parent knowledge. What would have been called a super-parent few decades back is becoming the basic-requirement-parent of these days.The challenge of raising successful children is becoming more difficult and more complex. Challenges with this level of complexity cant be solved by quick-fixes and ready recipes.Parents must become more knowledgeable, wise, aware, and emotionally intelligent. In that sense, parenting requires a transformation ... (Free)By Tuan Khuong via

17) ParentingBoard

ParentingBoard good parenting skills list
Parenting is a tough job. It`s time consuming. It requires dedication, resolution and much more. It`s tiresome, yet its reward is priceless. ParentingBoard tries to make this process much easier and more enjoyable. One key struggle of parenting is to help the youngsters build up their daily routine. Once a good routine is built up, the parents can sit back and enjoy. The big problem is how. ParentingBoard lets parents setup a routine and evaluate it daily. The parents and child can view the results together. The child can see easily what is good and what is bad. It will ... (Free)By Zhijun He via

18) Parenting2Go

Parenting2Go good parenting skills list
Parenting2Go helps Veterans and Service Members reconnect with their children and provides convenient tools to strengthen parenting skills. It can be used alone or in combination with the online Parenting for Service Members & Veterans course. Parents can find quick parenting advice; relaxation tools to use when frustrated or stressed; tools to improve their relationship with their children through positive communication; and strategies to switch gears between military life and home. The app addresses challenges that come with parenting children of all ages and backgrounds. The app also offers guidance for seeking professional help and access to additional resources. Parenting2GO ... (Free)By US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) via

19) Parental Guidance & Parenting Tips

Parental Guidance & Parenting Tips good parenting skills list
Would you like to be a better parent? You are in the right place This app brings you a lot of information, help and tips about being the best parent that you can be.It includes;Great Parenting Tips For Mothers And FathersHelpful Tips For Successful ParentingImprove Your Parenting Skills With These TipsLearn About Parenting With These TipsParenting 101: Tips And Tricks For Successful ParentingAnd much more.It is easy to use and includes a note-taking function so that you can remember important points as you go along. You can keep it on your phone or tablet and learn some parenting tips any ... (Free)By John Higgins via

20) Helping Parents: Grades K-5

Helping Parents: Grades K-5 good parenting skills list
Helping Parents: Grades K-5 brings expert advice and proven parenting skills right to your iPhone or iPod Touch.This app puts at your fingertips easy to use skills that can help parents create stronger relationships with the school-aged children as they begin to venture out into the big world.Helping Parents: Grades K-5 allows you to:- View video dramatizations of common family situations- Choose from three different endings to each story- Learn the most effective parenting skills to use in each situation- Read from a comprehensive collection of articles that contain parenting tips and advice for building strong and nurturing familiesThe more ... ($4.99)By Oregon Center for Applied Science via




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