20 Best Film Making Supplies iOS Apps

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1) Film Making

Film Making film making supplies
To begin with, in a nutshell, filmmaking is broken down into three parts. Pre-production, Production, and Post-production. Distribution is the last part, way down on the timeline and doesnt come into play until everything is in the can. However, if you are ever going to get to distribution you will need to spend a great deal of time in the Pre-production phase. There are times when you dont have that luxury, especially if you are shooting on the fly, but more often than not a film can take years to make. This can keep it in the Pre-production process much ... ($9.99)By Wide Media, LLC via

2) Film Making+

Film Making+ film making supplies
This Film Making App .Start With a Good StoryLets Take a MeetingDo You Have a Good Eye?Equipment ListTurn Up the VolumeA Little Light on the SubjectThree Point LightingWhen Its In the Can, Its a WrapTime to Toot Your HornVideoCasey Neistat's Guide to FilmmakingMost versatile filmmaking tool?How to Learn Filmmaking Without Film School5 Filmmaking Mistakes to AvoidBadlapur (Film Making) | Varun Dhawan, Yami Gautam, Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Huma QureshiHere Be Dragons bet big on VR filmmakingIntroduction to Filmmaking for BeginnersUsing Sound in FilmmakingColor Grading in FilmmakingCreating locations that don't exist - Filmmaking TutorialDownload and Enjoy reading Film Making (2.990)By autumn chung via

3) Venice Film Making Action

Venice Film Making Action film making supplies
Picture's up Rolling Action It's your chance to star in the Hollywood - take part in the motion picture camerawork with our brand new game Venice Film Making - Action Don't put the movie director into a rage, catch the villain and try not to mess up a double. How to play: You are in the movie location in Venice and your goal is to catch the villain. Tap on the LEFT and RIGHT buttons to jump from one boat to another. Try not to fall into the drink - if so, your director will be in anger. Be fast ... (Free)By Teen Games, OOO via

4) Making A Feature Film

Making A Feature Film film making supplies
This Making A Feature Film App PRE-PRODUCTION FILM-MAKING ON A LIMITED BUDGET PRODUCTION POST-PRODUCTION CONCLUSION VideoMaking your first film: whatever it takes: Nicolas Forzy at TEDxPSUADHow to Make A Movie in 10 StepsHow To Make Your First Movie with Matthias HoehneTalking Heads: Stop Making Sense (Feature Film 5.1 Downmix)"How to make a Feature Film on a micro-budget"The Dream Of Making A Feature Film by Jack PerezBest Advice For A Filmmaker Preparing To Make Their First Feature Film by Patrick CreadonMaking of a Feature Film - Director Interview Part 1 of 3 : FRIDAY 101The Making of 'HIVADE ME FUTE LAADU' ... (2.990)By autumn chung via

5) Draw Motion: Cinemagraph,Living Photos,Film Making

Draw Motion: Cinemagraph,Living Photos,Film Making film making supplies
Cinemagraphs, or living images, are a mixture of photography and videos. Living photos always look impressive and are a great way to express yourself, especially on InstagramDraw Motion helps you to unleash your creativity and show your awesome photography skills combined with bright imaginationHow to create a cinemagraph with Draw Motion:Just use your finger to draw the mask: live-masking reveals motion as you paint over the video. Click Save. Thats it - now you can share your cinemagraph Creating a living image is made very easyDraw Motion is an easy and fast way to create impressive cinemagrpahs.Impress your Instagram followers ... (Free)By Sergei Pekar via

6) Making Money Making Videos from VASST

Making Money Making Videos from VASST film making supplies
Making Money Making Video is the first-ever video application that outlines how to be successful in the Video Production Industry. Kevin Hicks and Brian Balog guide you through the entire process of Making Money Making Video. Over an hour in length, this application covers every step of the process including: Getting Established, Negotiating, Saving Money in Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production, and lots of Expert Tips. Watch Making Money Making Video and Increase Your Profits in all stages of your video production business.Extensive Chapters Include:- Part 1: Getting Established- Where Are You Now?- Do You Have a Business Plan?- How Do ... ($49.99)By Netframes via

7) Making of Making Powered by NIKE MSI

Making of Making Powered by NIKE MSI film making supplies
MAKING is a tool to inspire designers and creators to make better choices in the materials they use. We know that every decision a designer makes in the product creation process has an impact on the environment. But given the range of options that exist, making informed choices can be a challenge. That is why MAKING matters.Fueled by the Nike Materials Sustainability Index, MAKING provides the information to enable users to make realtime, predictive decisions. Whether you are a designer, a product creator or are just interested in the impacts of the materials you use, MAKING will help you make ... (Free)By Nike, Inc. via

8) Film Noir - Film Bot`s Movie I.Q. (FREE)

Film Noir - Film Bot`s Movie I.Q. (FREE) film making supplies
Film Noir - Film Bot`s Movie IQTHIS IS THE FREE FULL VERSION (Please note it is ad supported.)Now revamped, renamed and ready to test youThink you know Film Noir movie trivia? Caught up on the classics? Then challenge Film Bot, the movie trivia robotFilm Bot Movie I.Q. is the addictive trivia game that Hollywood calls amazing and the best trivia game - EVER. Film Bot serves up multiple choice questions on the movies you love. 1,000 for just 99 cents. Written by the experts for movie lovers like youHow well do know your favorite Film Noir movies? Try Film Bot: ... (Free)By Idea Den via

9) ArgoBook

ArgoBook film making supplies
ArgoBook is a guide book for game.The game is MMORPG titled ARGO.This guide book help to understand game contents and show the making film.-Guide book: about game, about item-Movie: making film, play film, promotion film-Game: image match puzzle-World View: introduce the game world view (Free)By bdcompany via

10) KODAK Reel Film - Find Films on Real Film

KODAK Reel Film - Find Films on Real Film film making supplies
Discover and Experience Films on Real FilmWith the KODAK Reel Film App, you can find and experience theatrical events at venues, that use REAL film projection. Whether its 35mm 3D, 70mm, or other film formats, the KODAK Reel Film App will help you keep track of upcoming movies that will be shown on film.In addition to movie ShowTime information, the KODAK Reel Film App provides information on the latest movies that were captured on KODAK Motion Picture Film. Last but not least, the KODAK Reel Film App will allow you to search our growing database of theaters, museums, and art ... (Free)By Eastman Kodak Company via

11) Blockbuster Movie Quiz Free - catchphrase film trivia game, reveal the image guess the film

Blockbuster Movie Quiz Free - catchphrase film trivia game, reveal the image guess the film film making supplies
Think you know your movies? Take the ultimate challenge... Knock out the tiles to reveal part of a movie snapshot, then work out the film from the letters available belowIncludes 100 levels with movies from all genres of cinema. (Free)By Pete Marshall via

12) Comic Movie - Cartoon Effects Movie Maker Apps for making animation film from video camera -

Comic Movie - Cartoon Effects Movie Maker Apps for making animation film from video camera - film making supplies
Cartoon Movie and Animation Film MakerLet`s create cartoon effect movies and animated film by editing your videos"Comic Movie" is the free movie editor apps for making cartoon effects movies like animation film.You will be able to edit videos taken with your video camera and make cartoon style movies easily by this anime movie creator apps.Movie Filter List1. Cartoon Style 1Create cartoon style movie.2. Cartoon Style 2Create cartoon style movie with thicker outline than "Cartoon Style 1".3. Animation Style 1Create animation style movie.You can create movie with smooth outline and color than "Cartoon Style"If you want to save movie with this ... (Free)By TAIKI HIRATA via

13) Film Making - Learn Basics to Becoming a Film Maker

Film Making - Learn Basics to Becoming a Film Maker film making supplies
Have you ever wanted to make your own film? Is there a story you want to tell?You might even think that this is impossible. Studios make films, not the little guy. This is probably what you tell yourself.Do you watch films with more than a casual eye? You probably want to know how they were able to get perfect lighting in your favorite scene, or how to write a professional screenplay.Do you sit in your seat at the movie when its over, watching the credits as everyone else leaves the theatre?Why Dont You Make Your Own Movie?If you think that ... ($0.99)By AppWarrior via

14) Film Making - Learn The Basics Of Becoming A Film Maker

Film Making - Learn The Basics Of Becoming A Film Maker film making supplies
Are you thinking that Filmmaking is only for studios and professionals? I believe that Independent film has changed all the rules. Doors are opening all over for aspiring filmmakers. Why not give it a try, what do you have to lose? With a little imagination and a lot of hard work you can do this, but you need the basics to get your started. If you feel like you don`t know where to start the process, I will show you.Indy Filmmaking Insider Tips...This E-book will give you the necessary information in filmmaking that it would take a couple years in ... ($0.99)By WebLantis via

15) Retro Film - Retro Movie Maker Apps for making vintage effects movies from your video -

Retro Film - Retro Movie Maker Apps for making vintage effects movies from your video - film making supplies
Retro Movie Maker AppsLet`s make retro effect movies by editing your videos"Retro Film" is the free movie editor apps for making retro effects movies like monotone, sepia and more.You will be able to edit videos taken with your video camera and make old style movies easily by this movie maker apps.You can add two types film grain to your video.You can choose films from monotone, sepia and more color films.If you want to save color films movie, you need to purchase Add-on.Function List1. Adding Film GrainYou can make old style movies by adding film grain.2. Adding Film Color EffectYou can ... (Free)By TAIKI HIRATA via

16) Film Creatives Runner

Film Creatives Runner film making supplies
Film Creatives present a FREE endless platformer that puts you in the shoes of one of the most resilient, hardworking roles in the film business - The Runner.Collect film reels to increase your experience and unlock new shoots whilst keeping yourself topped up on coffee to ensure speed and endurance, but too much will have you making mistakesHave you got what it takes to be The Runner?Good luck,Film Creativeswww.filmcreatives.co.uk (Free)By Film Creatives via

17) Brew & Wine

Brew & Wine film making supplies
The Midwest Supplies app offers the largest selection of home brewing and wine making products in the world: it brings everything you need to make beer or wine at home to the palm of your hand. Our app has Midwest`s full product catalog, detailed product descriptions, and customer reviews. It is the easiest way to purchase home brewing and wine making supplies from an iPhone. Midwest Supplies is the ultimate one stop shop for home brewers and wine makers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff (Free)By Midwest Supplies via

18) Film of the week - Mark Kermode`s film of the week from his BBC radio 5 live wittertainment film review with Simon Mayo

Film of the week - Mark Kermode`s film of the week from his BBC radio 5 live wittertainment film review with Simon Mayo film making supplies
Mark Kermode`s film of the week from his BBC radio 5 live "wittertainment" show with Simon Mayo- Keep up to date with Kermode`s film of the week- Keep track of which films you`ve seen / not seen- Have a handy pocket reference to the Wittertainment code of conductFeedback:If you want to have any features added to the app just tweet the idea pixelcodeuk (Free)By Mark Wheeler via

19) EFB Film Notes

EFB Film Notes film making supplies
Film Notes by European Film Bonds EFBThe ease of making notes to the film you reviewMaking a film review can be done easily using the Film Notes App on your iPhone or iPad.This first version of the Film Notes will give you:- A form that will guide you to note the primary points of interest.- Take photos from the review form worth more than words.- Set premiere date- Save and edit notes- 2 templates: Film projects & Released films.- Dashboard overview of your notes. Table or tiles view.- Filter the view Films and Projects.- Send a note via email and ... (Free)By CometPeople ApS via

20) Filming On A Microbudget

Filming On A Microbudget film making supplies
Making a film is the only way to enter the industry. No one`s going to let you play with the kind of money it takes to make a feature film until you`ve already proven yourself by making a great short film. You can do that at film school- if you can afford to go. If not, then you`re going to have to make your films without money. You`re going to have to film on a microbudget- like Shane Meadows, who made Where`s The Money, Ronnie? before TwentyFourSeven, and Guy Ritchie, who made The Hard Case before Lock, Stock And Two ... ($7.99)By Andrews UK Limited via




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