20 Best Cold & Flu Medicine iOS Apps

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1) Flu

Flu cold flu medicine
"FLU: Fluid Reading in any Device"FLU is a PDF reader app that focuses on solving annoyance of reading a PDF file on a mobile phone.Because A4 cannot be fitted on a mobile screen, the annoyance comes when we have to slide back and forth.FLU carefully reads through a file and rearrange content to fit a screen nicely.3 steps- When you read a PDF file on mobile- "Open with" then select FLU- Click an "eye" icon on the top to switch to FLU modeEnjoy reading (Free)By Suffixlab Co., Ltd. via

2) Cold, Cold North

Cold, Cold North cold flu medicine
Cold, Cold North originated one evening after dreaming up stories for a not-yet- two-year old child who asked for more, more. It was the Arctic story he wanted repeated and months later requested when he saw Grandmom. This childs picture book about Arctic wildlife is told with informative verse and introduces a variety of animals that are a living part of the Arctic landscape. The verse encourages the reader and child to express the feeling of the words while introducing some uncommonly spoken words. The flow of the verse is enhanced by crayon illustrations. You are invited to take a ... ($0.99)By Author Solutions, Inc. via

3) Flu Near You

Flu Near You cold flu medicine
Find and report flu activity in your area. (Free)By John Brownstein via

4) Flu vs Cold

Flu vs Cold cold flu medicine
The common cold and flu are both caused by infections in our throat and lungs and share many of the same symptoms. Its not always easy to tell whether you have flu or just a cold; however flu can be serious and at times life-threatening whilst the common cold is likely just to cause you a few days of feeling unwell.In general, flu symptoms are worse than cold symptoms.Its important to be able to spot the signs of flu so that you can take action to reduce your risks from this disease if needed. The symptom checker has been designed ... (Free)By SPMSD via

5) MedZam Cold Flu

MedZam Cold Flu cold flu medicine
Physician designed MedZam Cold & Flu guides you to check symptoms & evaluate for key indicators of viral & bacterial infection that causes common cold, seasonal flu & strep throat. Also included is health & wellness education to help guide users to prevent infection, seek treatment for illness & achieve relief from sickness. Contains a journal to manage & track evaluation & remedy data including options to review & export your past answers to share with your Dr. MedZam delivers a free, comprehensive resource of healthcare information, advice & FAQ. (Free)By Aliviar Health, Inc. via

6) Cold & Flu and Asthma

Cold & Flu and Asthma cold flu medicine
WAGmob: Over 400,000 paying customers from 175+ countries. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.WAGmob brings you Simple `n Easy, on-the-go learning app for Cold & Flu and Asthma. The app helps you understand the basics in a nice and organized manner. Features include tutorials, quizzes, flashcards and more.You can purchase "Cold & Flu and Asthma" applications via In-app Purchase just for 1.99 each.App is continuously updated based on your feedback.App tools include search, bookmark, and facebook integration."Cold & Flu" includes following tutorials:Introduction,Causes,Symptoms,Prevention,Home Remedies,Do`s and Don`ts,Risk Factors,Natural Cold and Flu Remedies,Treatment,Diet,Types of Flu."Asthma" includes following tutorials:Introduction,Signs and Symptoms,Types of Asthma,Causes of Asthma,Diagnosis,Treatment,Diet for ... ($0.99)By WagMob via

7) uKnowMo - Cold, Flu and Sinusitis

uKnowMo - Cold, Flu and Sinusitis cold flu medicine
Sick and looking for a cure? Tired of catching the cold and flu every single season? Learn all about why we get sick and what you can do to prevent it with the uKnowMo Cold, Flu and Sinusitis app.Learn all about:How you can prevent sicknessWhy we get sickHow to treat yourself when sickWhat causes the cold/flu/sinusitisBeneficial foods to eatHow to boost your immunityDangers and complicationsCaring for sick childrenAnd much more-----------------uKnowMo provides reader apps for those who are looking for information on specific subjects. All information and images provided is owned by uKnowMo unless directly stated otherwise. The information contained within ... (Free)By Thomas Hansen via

8) Flu and Flu shots Myths and Facts

Flu and Flu shots Myths and Facts cold flu medicine
Myths about the flu are everywhere. According to many experts, misconceptions and rumors about the flu are as hard to contain and as hard to fight as the virus itself. Misconceptions about the flu spread as easily as the flu itself. Most of these myths are based on faulty medical knowledge or a partial understanding of influenza.This application covers most of those perceptions and myths and it will attempt to dispel the misconceptions associated with those flu myths. Check out the truths about flu and flu shots and get rid out all your worries. It is possible that you are ... ($0.99)By Socl Solution via

9) The Cold Cold Ground (by Adrian McKinty)

The Cold Cold Ground (by Adrian McKinty) cold flu medicine
McKintys previous book, Falling Glass, was an Audible.com Best Thriller of 2011 Northern Ireland, spring 1981. Hunger strikes, riots, power cuts, a homophobic serial killer with a penchant for opera, and a young womans suicide that may yet turn out to be murder: on the surface, the events are unconnected, but then thingsand peoplearent always what they seem. Detective Sergeant Duffy is the man tasked with trying to get to the bottom of it all. Its no easy jobespecially when it turns out that one of the victims was involved in the IRA but was last seen discussing business with ... (9.990)By Blackstone Audio, Inc via

10) Little Flu Doctor - kids games

Little Flu Doctor - kids games cold flu medicine
Why everybody catched a cold and got a bad fever? Hum, the awful flu outbreaks Try to be a good doctor and fight the hateful flu. I know you can heal the people at once.No more hesitation (Free)By George CL via

11) Cold War Magazine - All Things Cold War

Cold War Magazine - All Things Cold War cold flu medicine
Cold War Magazine -- Your Expert Source For All Things Cold WarSPECIAL OFFER: FREE subscription for a limited time. DOWNLOAD NOWDOWNLOAD IT NOW to get "Cold War Magazine" Delivered Automatically as soon as issues are published.Cold War Magazine is all about Cold War history, culture, and politics. Most of all, were about Cold War fun Join Cold War Magazine as we explore books, movies, art and design, fashion, food, and travel. Download the app now and subscribe for free so you don't miss a single Content Packed Issue You'll get access to subscribers only magazine issues and all future magazine ... (Free)By Elizabeth Wolfe via

12) Complete Medicine Solution - Family Bio Doctor Medicine

Complete Medicine Solution - Family Bio Doctor Medicine cold flu medicine
Complete Medicine Solution - Family Bio Doctor MedicineThe specialty of family medicine is centered on lasting, caring relationships with patients and their families. Family physicians integrate the biological, clinical and behavioral sciences to provide continuing and comprehensive health care. The scope of family medicine encompasses all ages, sexes, each organ system and every disease entity. Read more about the history, scope and definition of family medicine.Family medicine is a three-dimensional specialty, incorporating(1) knowledge, (2) skill and (3) process. At the center of the process element is the patient-physician relationship with the patient viewed in the context of the family. It ... (Free)By Mahendra Kumar Jain via

13) Baby Flu Doctor: Kids Flu Doctor Game 2017

Baby Flu Doctor: Kids Flu Doctor Game 2017 cold flu medicine
Be a kids doctor and save this cute baby from a bad fluFlu Doctor: Kids Flu Doctor Game 2017 is a game for kids with hospital theme and lovely baby caring items.Features:- Animated short story- Baby healing stage by kids doctor- baby dress up session- 16 amazing baby clothes- 16 funny baby accessories- free and safe to play kids gamePlaying in the snow is only fun when you are dressed appropriate. This baby didn't know that playing outside in winter not wearing cap and gloves might give her a flu. Be an amazing doctor and heal her using awesome medical ... (2.990)By Phuong Vo via

14) Chinese Medicine Guide - Chinese Medicine Practitioners for Medical Treatment

Chinese Medicine Guide - Chinese Medicine Practitioners for Medical Treatment cold flu medicine
This app is designed to facilitate the need to query the users of traditional Chinese medicine.The most content of app comes from the various source of Chinese medicine practitioners, all content just for reference only; If the disease-related issues please contact the nearest to seek Chinese medicine practitioners for medical treatment, please do not to delay the disease.The starting point of this app is not purely profit-making purposes, and the app from advertising revenue will be donated to charitable organizations. The exchange for advertising revenue receipts will from time to time posted on the website, thanks for your selfless sponsorship.App ... (Free)By Mahendra Kumar Jain via

15) Swine Flu Guide - Including CDC Updates, Swine Flu Information

Swine Flu Guide - Including CDC Updates, Swine Flu Information cold flu medicine
Intro SaleGet Daily Updates from the CDC straight to your Phone.View the most recent, hourly updated Infection information from the CDC, including total infections and locations. (Example 40+ in New York) Simply click to view a topic and click the CDC Updates button on the bottom of the app.Get easy access to all the most current Swine Flu Information and Updates, straight to your iPhone or iPod.Includes background information on the Swine Flu virus including:What is Swine Flu?Information about Human InfectionsSigns and Symptoms to watch out forHow does the Swine Flu virus spread?Are there any vaccines or medicines?How long are ... ($2.99)By PTAJ Marketing Inc. via

16) Medicine Of Prophet (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) ( MEDICINE IN ISLAM )

Medicine Of Prophet (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) ( MEDICINE IN ISLAM ) cold flu medicine
Al-Khawarizmi is a trusted name in Islamic Apps development for years. We have sold thousands of apps and incorporated customer suggestions/reviews based on many years of experience to make usage of Islamic Content on mobile devices a pleasurable experience.We have over 150+ islamic apps on all islamic subjects. Please take a look at our portfolio.http://al-khawarizimisoft.com/Top Reviews and Ratings of our apps are a testimony to our quality.A Book over 570 pages is the panacea for those in search of good health. It is a magnificent work that is a treasure every Muslim household. Although it was written by the author, ... ($1.99)By Al-Khawarizmi via

17) Flu Alert

Flu Alert cold flu medicine
Flu Alert provides you with up-to-date information related to the flu, straight from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Flu Alert includes a handy flu symptom checker to help determine if you have the flu (Note: It is no substitute for a doctor). Flu Alert provides a wide range of CDCP provided information. Flu Alert also helps you locate local pharmacies that typically carry flu vaccinations. Remember, vaccination doesn`t just protect you from the flu, it also helps prevent the spread to others at risk.Flu Alert also provides you with the current weekly flu activity directly from the CDC. (Free)By Floodlight Software LLC via

18) Flu Info

Flu Info cold flu medicine
Getting the Flu stinks - it wipes you out and stays with you for days. This handy and free app gives you the latest information from FLU.Gov, Flu news about outbreaks, Flu Tips and What people are saying online about this years Flu Season.Getting the Flu is sometimes unavoidable but hopefully this free app will help you from getting it and / or spreading it. Stay happy and healthy ($0.99)By Hawe Digital via

19) FluApp

FluApp cold flu medicine
By downloading FluApp you will be able to:Learn more about how to prevent the spread of colds and flu in the workplace and at home, including an interactive symptom checker to help to determine whether you have a cold or fluBook your flu vaccination appointment with participating employers or public clinics and save a record of your vaccination(s)Check your medications against a list of medications that may interact with the flu vaccineCheck your medical conditions against a list of conditions that mean you should seek additional medical advice before receiving the flu vaccineSearch for answers to frequently asked questions about ... (Free)By FluSystems via

20) Daniel the Flu Doctor

Daniel the Flu Doctor cold flu medicine
Hi girls? Do you like doctor Daniel games? Today a cute Tiger Daniel needs your help because he got cold and flu from the ice cream that she eating at his school. Daniel had a fun day at school. He was awarded the first prize for the spell is competition. So He decides to celebrate it by having his favorite ice cream from the ice cream stall outside the school. But the ice cream was too cold and unfortunately he got cold and flu. Now Daniel Tiger is not feeling well. He needs a doctor. As a doctor, you have ... ($0.99)By MA BIAO via




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